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Medyrex is a Hospipharm business which brings you an online platform that can be accessed for all your medicines purchase needs. We are trying to make the purchase of medicines from the Hospital a hassle-free experience for patients. With Medyrex patients can get their Doctor prescribed genuine medicines delivered from their Hospital to Home.

We are delivering the medicines to your door-steps with less risk, more accessibility, convenience to place the order as well as availability of the rare medicines altogether.

Medyrex helps you in purchasing allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, nutrition supplements and other health-related products directly from your selected hospital to home.

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Concept of Hospipharm

As per recent study 50-55% of the people don't get the same companies or same brand medicines that the doctor has prescribed. This problem is faced by patients from rural and few urban areas as well. At this point of time, patients end up buying other brand medicines or other substitute medicines.

Difficulty or miscommunication in explaining the required medicines to pharmacists can lead to miscommunication and purchase of wrong medicines from pharmacies which might become lethal for patient treatment and recovery.

Keeping in mind these two problems we came up with one solution that's Medyrex. We deliver you medicines right at your doorstep. These medicines will be picked up from the same hospital pharmacy that you have visited or consulted.

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How Can I Order Medicines on MEDYREX?

There are three ways to obtain medicines with MEDYREX

1. Upload photo of prescription on website — Confirm medicine requirement — Pay amount online and get medicine
2. Call Medyrex on 70-9797-9696 or Upload photo of prescription on Whatsapp 70-9797-9696 Confirm medicine requirement — Pay amount online —Get medicine delivered
3. If you don't have a prescription — Contact our customer support team on the 70-9797-9696 number, we will assist you

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Hospital benefits by Partnering with us

1. Wider customer reach and more patient engagement.
2. Better visibility of Hospital for online users.
3. Pharmacy sales boost-up and increvenue.
4. Reliable and smooth order processing.
5. Delivery to even remote locations in India.
6. Affordable delivery charges.
7. Better treatment outcomes by safeguarding patients' health with correct genuine medicines.

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Testimonial from Customers


Medyrex has delivered me 100% genuine medicines


Medyrex has delivered me the medicines that were hard to find


They were very easy to order online. I would recommend medyrex.


At the time of emergency medyrex has delivered medicines.


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రెండు గంటల్లో నేను ఆర్డర్ చేసిన మందులు నాకు డెలివరీ చేయబడ్డాయి


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